Matt Hardy Says Seth Rollins Should Be "The Nucleus Of WWE"

Over the weekend, Matt Hardy appeared on an episode of Rapid Fire with SPN Action while on a three-day promotional trip in India. In the interview, Hardy discussed his toughest opponent, his favorite wrestling moments, and being impressed by Seth Rollins. Here are some of the highlights:

Toughest opponent he faced in WWE:

"Brock Lesnar. When they say that Brock Lesnar is a beast, he truly is a beast. There are times where I questioned if he was human."

Greatest moment in WWE:

"When myself and my brother returned to WrestleMania 33. But something that was very close to that was our original goal, and dream, to come WWE and winning the tag team championships for the very first time."

Move that he loves to have in his arsenal:

"Besides the twist of fate, is the side effect. It's a different move and nobody does anything like it. It's very impactful and also a move that the fans love."

Most promising upcoming talent:

"Right now, the guy is already a big star, but I'm impressed with Seth Rollins. I think Seth Rollins is the guy that should be the nucleus of the WWE right now. They should build around him. Seth Rollins is the guy, right now."

You can check out Hardy's full comments in the video below.


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