Nick Gage spoke with Sports Illustrated about the art of a deathmatch, wrestling David Arquette, and how he got into the hardcore style of wrestling. Here are some of the highlights:

Why he enjoys working a hardcore style of wrestling:

“Deep down, it’s an art form and a different style of wrestling. And it’s underground. There’s barely [any] rules. It’s just one man vs. another. Whoever wins, wins.”

How he got into deathmatch style wrestling:

“I consider myself a deathmatch wrestler, it’s my job and my passion. I take pride in being the top guy doing it in the U.S. I fell in love with it watching Cactus Jack and Terry Funk, I thought that was f—ing badass. ? I always wanted to do this. Me and my brother grew up wrestling. We did shows in the backyard when we were 13. We sold tapes when we were in high school. I can’t remember when I didn’t want to do this. I got in a wrestling ring on my 14th birthday, and I didn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Wrestling against David Arquette:

“It did get people talking, and that led to more people watching the match, so it goes both ways. But as a professional and a performer, I didn’t like the way the ending went down.”

Gage also went into detail about his upcoming match-up with Josh Briggs at Beyond Wrestling’s “Heavy Lies The Crown” on December 31 and how he got started into the wrestling business at 13 years old. You can check out the rest of Gage’s interview here.