Seth Rollins And Former WWE Writer Respond To "Embarrassing" Tweet On Historic Low RAW Viewership

WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins and former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs took to Twitter this week and commented on a tweet that said Monday's record-low RAW viewership was embarrassing.

The original tweet was made by Bryan Alvarez of, referring to the 2.194 million viewers that Monday's TLC go-home edition of RAW drew. This is the lowest viewership in the history of the show. As noted, this week's SmackDown drew 1.977 million viewers, the second-lowest SmackDown audience for a first-run non-holiday episode.

Indie veteran Jacobs commented that writing a three-hour wrestling TV show every week is hard. Rollins responded to Jacobs' tweet and pointed to how the company has to produce 5 hours of live TV every week between RAW and SmackDown.

Jacobs wrote, "Writing a 3 hour wrestling tv show every single week is f--kin hard."

Rollins wrote, "That's the one thing I don't think people understand. 5 hours of live TV every week. EVERY WEEK. Add in all the extraneous variables that affect the final outcome....and it's a modern miracle that the shows come together as well as they do."

You can see their tweets below along with other comments from Jacobs:


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