Sound Off Reactions To What You Want To See In Pro Wrestling In 2019

Yesterday we asked what you would like to see happen in the world of wrestling in 2019. Most of the responses were focused on WWE, but there are few of you interested in seeing what All Elite Wrestling will bring to the table in the new year.

In regards to the WWE, having more in-depth stories/feuds that, at times, include edgier content would be a welcome change to where things have gone in recent years. Having more "bullet point" style promos was a close second, allowing for Superstars to be themselves instead of having to follow heavily scripted segments. More well-rounded characters and champions showing up every week was also mentioned. The comment with the most up-votes was about giving Bray Wyatt a lengthy babyface run to get him back on track.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:


"Good storylines, consistently good character development, long term planning and builds that create excitement. More in depth promos and segments taking place around the building, outside the arenas and off location instead of just being confined to 1 boring area backstage. More freedom for characters to not be so scripted and dull. Lose the PG rating, try going PG-13 if you can't go back to TV-14. People being pushed that the fans actually want instead of pushing mediocre garbage that the fans constantly boo. Stop insulting the fans intelligence."

Chris Jericho:

"All Elite Wrestling starts and WWE to become TV-14 again. That's enough for me."

Mr BOBbins:

"Better character work and storylines. Those are the two biggest things missing in wrestling today by a country mile. Wouldn't hurt to be a bit edgier too."


"I'd like to see no call ups until they have a specific storyline and plan in mind for the person being called up. Wrestlers given more freedom with their characters to express themselves better."

Mr. Wednesday:

"I'd like to see Vince McMahon retire."

The Big Guy:

"Meaningful king and queen of the ring tournaments. With decent length matches to give the lower card guys and gals time to shine."

Jumba Daniels:

"I'd like to see Bray Wyatt get a lengthy singles babyface run. Despite what others say about him being 'permanently buried.' I still think he's young and can turn his momentum around in a positive way."

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