It’s been reported that WWE is signing several of their NXT UK Superstars to new restrictive contracts that would dramatically impact the United Kingdom independent scene.

These contracts would prohibit the NXT UK wrestlers from competing in any promotion which doesn’t have a partnership with the WWE. While many see this as a good move for WWE in getting a stranglehold on the UK market, others see this as WWE’s attempts to kill the UK indie scene.

One of those people who falls in the latter group is Justin Sysum who is not part of NXT UK and is the current champion for World of Sport Wrestling (WOS).

Sysum posted a letter on his Twitter account in which he says he’d rather die on his sword than sit idly and let WWE impose these restrictions.

Sysum also asks other UK wrestlers, promoters and staff to band together in opposition of WWE. His comments elicited a response from several NXT UK Superstars who hit back at Sysum for responding to what at this point are still rumors.

Former NXT Tag Team champion Trent Seven took a personal approach to Sysum and called him out for attention-seeking.

All of the backlash prompted a response from Sysum who apologized if he upset anyone, but did not take back what he said.

Dave Sadler contributed to this article.