Batista Teasing Return To WWE?

Yesterday, Batista turned 50 years old and WWE tweeted out a video wishing the former WWE Champion, Happy Birthday. The video included clips of Batista's biggest accomplishments in the company, including defeating Triple H at WrestleMania 21 for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Batista retweeted WWE and simply responded, "You ain't seen nothin yet!"

Back in October at SmackDown 1000, Evolution had a reunion and there was a tease for a future match between Batista and Triple H, possibly at WrestleMania. Triple H went down with a pectoral tear at WWE Crown Jewel in November. Recovery time is anywhere from 5-9 months, so that match might not take place.

Batista previously noted 2019 would be his final year at getting in the ring.

In his last run with WWE in 2013-2014, Batista wasn't thrilled with how things went creatively. Last September, he spoke with WhatCulture Wrestling about wanting more say with his story and opponent, if he did return.

"I think, one, it would have to be the right time, and two, it would have to be the right opponent," Batista said. "That's pretty much it, and it would have to make sense. Yeah, I think the last time I went back was with really good intentions and I felt like I wasn't delivered what I was promised and that was just creatively. So, that would be it, I'd have to have a strong say of what I did and who I worked with. It would have to make sense as far as time, not only do I have to be free, but I also have to factor in there is a risk that I would be injured. If I got injured I would need some time to rehabilitate myself, so I always kind of factor those things in."


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