Becky Lynch Talks Being Called Overrated, "Stealing The Show" At WWE Royal Rumble

Becky Lynch talked to AZ Central about her breakout year in 2018, being called "overrated," and how she gets hyped before a match. Below are highlights from the interview:

Breaking out in 2018 and getting ready for her title match against WWE SmackDown Champion Asuka at the Royal Rumble:


"This is what I've visualized and what I've wanted. Now that I've gotten here and am lucky enough to have such a response, I've been able to go back up that ladder. They've made me the main event. ... And I plan to steal the show."

Being called "overrated":

"I keep hearing now that I'm 'overrated.' I don't think I even know what that really means. Does it mean that I'm not what you think I should be? I'm working my [rear] off and delivering what I say and get a reaction every single time. What does that mean? Of course, it's only from a few loud people. And that's naturally gonna happen as you rise up the ranks."

How she gets hyped before a match:

"I just go out there pumped from natural adrenaline. It doesn't take anything than the thought of what I'm about to do to fire me up. There's no music I like to listen to. I like to think about what I'm about to accomplish and think about how the fans will react from the match."


Lynch also talked about what what we can expect from her during the Royal Rumble. You can read the whole interview here.