Being The Elite (Episode 135): The Elite Surprises At Indie Event, Kenny Omega, MJF, Peter Avalon

If you missed the previous episode, here's a recap.

* Outside a restaurant, Adam Page talks to The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes about wanting to tie up some loose ends before jumping into this new venture. The camera pans back and Page is in his ring gear while everyone else is in street clothes. The guys are wondering what's up, Page says they liked it when PAC did it at the rally. Cody responded it was cool because PAC is shredded.

* We see the guys show up at Bar Wrestling, outside the venue, Cody talks with Peter Avalon and says he has an offer, Avalon says he has a lot of offers on the table. Rhodes says he'll offer Avalon $1 million and Avalon agreed on the spot. The Young Bucks show up and say what's up and Rhodes tells him he just signed a guy, Nick and Matt said this is supposed to be a three person thing and they argue about their positions as executive vice presidents. Matt is fine with Peter and asks how much it was, Rhodes says $1 million and Matt spits water in Nick's face. They yell at Rhodes who says, "Well, I didn't go to college!" Avalon gets called back and he's already wearing an AEW jacket. Rhodes then rescinds the offer and apologizes. Avalon tells Rhodes he's in over his head and notes they don't ever have TV yet.

* Kenny Omega is at the Tokyo Sports Awards and notes he's not using his cell phone to record, apparently he lost it. He talks about bringing home the "Best Bout Award" and thanks the fans, panel, and Okada for the match. He comments it was a nice way to end things before heading home briefly to Canada. Omega was hoping for MVP, but said if the judges are given a reason to sway to someone else, they sometimes take it. He could be referring to announcing his exit from NJPW earlier this month.

* Rhodes talking with Frankie Kazarian about future places for AEW events like Chicago, Atlanta, but Frankie just says they're all horrible places. Rhodes then introduces MJF, Rhodes says MJF is nicer than Jerry Lynn. Rhodes has to leave for a moment and MJF goes into his usual rude attitude towards Kazarian. Rhodes returns and MJF is all nice again.

* A narrator introduces Joey Janela and says he's on a bit of a break right now (out due to injury). Janela says for now he's going to do magic, after a couple tricks, he mistakenly fireballs himself in the face.

* Joey Ryan shows up at a Bar Wrestling event, ends up fighting another wrestler. Adam Page comes in for the save and the two eventually shake hands, making up from when Page "killed" Ryan last year. The Elite then made their surprise appearance at the show. SCU was also involved in a match that they would win. Daniels showed off the chipped front tooth from the match.


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