Brody King On Why He Decided To Sign With ROH, If He Had Talks With WWE Or AEW

Last month saw the Ring of Honor debuts of not only PCO, but also Brody King. Both newcomers teamed up with Marty Scurll to form the faction Villain Enterprises and have their sights set on The Kingdom.


King may be unknown to many ROH fans, but he's competed recently in both PWG and Major League Wrestling. King joined our WINCLY podcast where he described who Brody King is to fans less familiar with him.

"My style is so different than most other big guys," said King. "I'm 6'5" 270lb but I can also move around like a 5'10" luchador. You'll see me having these bloody matches where we're beating the crap out of each other, but at the same time, I can do a hurricarana or a springboard and dive out of the ring.

"I think my hybrid style is very exciting in the ring."

King had a pretty good thing going in PWG and MLW, but ROH is the first major promotion he's been a part of. He discussed what drove him to hook up with Ring of Honor.


"I guess all the dots just connected at the right time," stated King. "I did a lot of indie promotions last year ? I think I wrestled for almost every major indie promotion in America as well as places in Canada and Mexico.

"When ROH came calling, it was just right place, right time. They offered me a very great offer and being put with Marty in the Villain Enterprises was huge as well. So it all worked out together."

There were rumors that King had offers from WWE or All Elite Wrestling, but King disspelled those rumors as simply that: rumors.

"No, I didn't have offers from either one," revealed King. "You always hear the dirt-sheet rumblings, but I never trust those to be fact. ROH was always the company that I looked to work for in the future because they have connections with CMLL in Mexico and NJPW in Japan and those are places that I would definitely want to work in the future.

"Also ROH has a great roster of guys and a lot of great people have come from ROH so I think it's a great place to be at the time."

Before ROH came calling, MLW was looking to re-sign King to another contract. But King balked at the offer and thinks he made the right decision in linking with ROH.

"[MLW] offered me a contract early last year and I declined it. It just wasn't right for me at the time and it kind of limited what I wanted to do as a professional," said King.


He went on to talk about how MLW did a lot for him in terms of in-ring work and cutting promos, but the contract just wasn't right for him at that time.

"It was fine that we kind of separated at the time," King said of leaving MLW.

With most of The Elite now applying their craft in AEW, Marty Scurll turned to King and PCO to help fill the void the others left behind. King was asked if he feels any pressure in filling the shoes of Cody, The Bucks and others.

"Definitely," King admitted. "But at the same time [Scurll] wouldn't have chosen me if he didn't think I could fill that role. He had a vision of what he wanted to do with PCO and I, and within the first few matches, we've shown it was the right choice to make?

"Having to come into a new company where a lot of people don't know who I am and just having to show them I'm ready to be in the main event picture is a lot to put on somebody."

In Brody's full exclusive interview with Brody King he also discusses further being paired with PCO and Marty, working with PWG and more. You can listen to Wrestling Inc's full WINCLY interview with Brody King in the embedded audio player below. Subscribe to Wrestling Inc Audio on iTunes to get our latest podcasts as soon as they become available: