Ring of Honor saw many big names depart the company in late 2018, but they also received some new arrivals. One of those is that of Brody King who most recently competed in Major League Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Guerilla.

King made his debut in December and aligned himself with Marty Scurll and PCO to form the faction Villain Enterprises. King actually knew both stablemates before coming to ROH and he talked about his past experiences with Scurll who would drop in from time-to-time and check out King when he was training to be a wrestler.

"A couple of years ago, I was telling him my aspirations of being a pro wrestler and now I'm living it with him," King said on our WINCLY podcast. "That was a full-circle moment that was pretty crazy to me.

"Marty is arguably one of the top names in the business right now… so to be under his learning tree is huge."

As for PCO, King got a chance to work with him in a couple of different promotions before they linked up in Ring of Honor and King is amazed by PCO's toughness in the ring.

"I actually got to work with PCO a few times last year in PWG and MLW," stated King.

"He's just a psycho. He's really not human. The stuff that he does and the bumps that he takes and is able to walk in the back and be like, 'Hey guys. Great match!' It is absolutely insane. I think it would paralyze most people, but Walter once called him the Rubber Man – he just bounces off anything."

PCO was well known for his viral videos with D Destro while on the indie scene and King was asked if there are any plans for Villain Enterprises to be involved in those skits.

"I don't know. I would love to," admitted King. "Being around Destro is definitely a different experience. If you've ever seen him in person, he's definitely a presence in the room.

"Being around PCO is always fun especially now because we're a unit, he opens up more to Marty and I and tells us these great stories of back in the day in the 90s with WWF and going to All-Japan. It's really cool to hear someone telling us how it used to be back in the day. But he's trying to adapt to the new style of wrestling.

"The other day we were talking about if we have a match at Madison Square Garden and we were all excited about it. And PCO goes, 'Oh yeah. I've worked there a bunch of times,' like it's no big deal."

With the G1 Supercard in April at MSG, King has a chance to work The Garden for the first time. He was asked what he would ideally like to do if given the chance to work MSG.

"Literally anything," said King. "I'll be in a dark match if it means working in Madison Square Garden. That's one of the most historic and iconic venues in the world. Not even just for pro wrestling, but for any sport. My friends in New York are like, 'If you're working The Garden, I'll pay for tickets.' It's a huge opportunity if it comes and I definitely would love to do it."

When Villain Enterprises made their ROH debut, they cleaned house with The Kingdom. Many describe The Kingdom's Vinny Marseglia and King as two peas in a pod, and King revealed what he thinks about Marseglia.

"Other than being in The Kingdom, I think that Vinny is probably a good guy," stated King. "They tried to step up against Marty, but Marty wasn't having it so he had to call for the aid of me an PCO. We kinda put them in their place early on.

"I think in a different universe, Vinny would fit well in Villain Enterprises. But unfortunately he's aligned himself with Taven and TK.

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