PCO Reveals When He Found Out He Was Joining Marty Scurll In Villain Enterprises

Ring of Honor saw many departures in 2018 but they also received the arrival of PCO. Formerly known as Pierre Carl Ouellet, PCO has seen a renaissance in his early 50s and joined ROH as part of the Villain Enterprises stable alongside Marty Scurll and Brody King.

PCO joined our Nick Hausman on the WINCLY podcast where he discussed joining ROH and when he found out he'd join the Villain Enterprises.

"I found out when I showed up for the TV tapings," PCO said of his ROH debut on December 15. "But I knew Marty since 2007. We worked a lot together in England and I knew the chemistry was going to be good."

Scurll is a native of England and it was over in the United Kingdom that he and PCO first met. PCO then said he and Scurll picked up right where they left off over a decade ago. PCO also worked with his other stablemate, Brody King, in Major League Wrestling.

"Brody King is a guy I've had tremendous respect for with Major League Wrestling and different indie shows we worked together," said PCO. "We had a feud in MLW and he's someone I admire as a performer and a person.

"When they decided they wanted to do this, the chemistry was already there."

Not many wrestlers reinvent themselves at this point in their careers like PCO has. But he says the PCO character isn't really a character, but rather an extension of himself.

"I've always been on the other side of the track, without trying to," PCO said of his life before wrestling. This is a character that's bigger than life, but I've always been different and never been like all the others whether it was in school or with another job."

PCO then talked about when growing up in Canada and playing hockey, he would always be a little different than the others such as putting white tape on his hockey stick while others used black tape.

"It's an extension of who I am and that's cool to play someone that you are," said PCO.

ROH is setting up a feud between PCO's Villain Enterprises and The Kingdom based on the last television tapings. PCO and King made their ROH debuts to come to the aid of Scurll and they cleaned house with The Kingdom.

"The exchange on TV came across really good," stated PCO. "I don't know what we have in store for them. I don't know how this is going to evolve. It's not that I don't want to give any scoops. It's that I really don't know the next steps and how things are going to happen."

While PCO knew Scurll and King beforehand, he met many of the other ROH wrestlers for the first time during the TV tapings.

"Probably half of the guys I had met on the indie scene but there's a good amount of guys that I met for the first time," said PCO. "So it was a lot to go through in such a short period of time…

"But the ice is broken and it's a fun time coming ahead."

One thing missing from PCO's debut was his manager, D Destro. PCO described D Destro's role in his character and if he may show up in Villain Enterprises.

"He's not part of Villain Enterprises but D Destro is making sure PCO is there for his friends," said PCO. "He wants the best version of PCO and is going to be working hard to get PCO as much electricity as possible.

"We never know when D Destro can show up but it's gonna be a special moment and we'll wait for the perfect fit to introduce D Destro. Villain Enterprises has so many things to accomplish and so many things to do, but D Destro will be by my side everyday through life.

"Don't be surprised if he shows up somewhere. That's all I'm gonna say."

Ring of Honor will be making its way through the southeast this weekend. Their Saturday show will be in Atlanta, Georgia and on Sunday they will be Concord, North Carolina. You can get more details for both shows or purchase tickets at this link.

You can check out PCO's full interview in this week's WINCLY in the audio below:


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