Ariane Andrew, fka WWE Superstar Cameron, spoke with Ring The Belle. Andrew spoke about her break-up with Funkadactyl partner, Naomi, her heel look, using a mirror with her gimmick, and wrestling Asuka. Below are the highlights:

Breakup with Funkadactyl partner, Naomi:

“It was difficult. I actually wish that this feud would have gone a lot longer. It was cut very short, but when we had like our big blowout, I had like the blond hair. It wasn’t even a match, we just ended up getting to like a huge brawl. I just wish it would have continued, but this was awesome because it’s like I was able to get the ‘W,’ which we all known back when I was wrestling I was always jobbing out to everyone, but that’s okay. I’m saying as long as I looked good getting my butt kicked. She’s my boo, I have so much love for her and I’m so happy where she’s at right now in her career.”

Origin of her “girl bye” academy look:

“Anyone can teach wrestling, but you can’t teach personality and you can’t teach that star quality. For me, it was kind of important having something that was still trying to make a name to be a wrestler, but also brings some sex appeal too. Everyone loves a naughty school girl. It wasn’t the most sexiest attire, it was a work in progress as we saw the ‘girl bye’ kind of slowly evolve.

Incorporating the mirror for her heel character:

“The mirror was just like I’m feeling myself. If you aren’t feeling yourself who will? It’s easier for people to hate you than to love you and that’s something that’s super obnoxious where I’m going to get under people’s skin.”

Chemistry with Ember Moon in NXT:

“You know what, someone who was my complete favorite was Ember Moon. That’s kind of taking it back because she wasn’t on the roster of my time, it’s when I was back down in NXT. We had some great matches. We just vibed. Our chemistry was just always on-point. I had the best matches with her. As far as you can say like friendship, my closest people I would say was always [Naomi] and Eva [Marie].”

Her match against Asuka in NXT:

“I mean this is actually one of my favorite matches, too. I think I took a butt-kicking pretty damn good. It was great working with Asuka, especially with the language barrier. I was actually very nervous thinking like, ‘Oh, s—, how are we gonna communicate?’ But she’s fabulous too. I love Asuka.”

Andrew also hinted at a return to WWE and spoke about working with AJ Lee. You can watch the whole interview in the video above.

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