The fact that All Elite Wrestling held their launch rally in Jacksonville, Florida is fitting as their investors also own the Jacksonville Jaguars. But the fact that AEW’s rally just happened to take place the same day and just miles away from WWE SmackDown was more than a coincidence.

That certainly gave the impression that AEW is looking to compete with WWE, even if the AEW talent says otherwise. Hangman Adam Page was asked if he sees AEW as eventual competitors to WWE and he gave a rather diplomatic answer.

“That’s not really something we’re focused on,” responded Page. “We just want to be the absolute best as we can be. That’s all we’re really worried about.”

Page was then asked about what message AEW was trying to send by holding their rally, literally, down the street from WWE SmackDown.

“That’s never been our intention,” Page said about sending a message to its fans or WWE. “Our intention is to give the fans the best wrestling in the world, the best roster in the world and to have a company that listens to the fans and responds to the feedback. I think all of our minds are set on that goal and that’s what we’re really looking forward to doing.”

According to Matt Jackson, one reason that The Bucks and Cody launched AEW was to change the wrestling world. It would be hard to change the wrestling world in North America without, in some way, competing with WWE which has been the top promotion for almost 20 years.

But there are many, many steps that must be taken before AEW reaches that level and Page was toting the company line of saying AEW wants to be the best it can be for the fans.

Outside of Cody and The Young Bucks, Page is one of nine wrestlers confirmed as being a part of AEW’s roster. At the intoductory press conference, he was confronted by another AEW wrestler, PAC fka Neville in WWE.