How Was Impact Wrestling Viewership For The Final Pop TV Episode With The Final Homecoming Hype?

Thursday's Impact Wrestling episode, the first episode of 2019 featuring the final hype for Sunday's Homecoming pay-per-view, drew 151,000 viewers. This is up from last week's 135,000 viewers. This was the best viewership since Impact went to the 10pm timeslot on October 25, behind the 140,000 viewers they drew three weeks ago.

This week's show was the final Impact episode on Pop TV. The show will premiere on the Pursuit Channel next Thursday night at 10pm ET.

This week's Impact ranked #137 on the Cable Top 150. Last week's show ranked #118.

The Rachel Maddow Show topped the night on cable in viewership with 3.542 million viewers. The NBA game between the Rockets and the Warriors ranked #1 in the 18-49 demographic on the Cable Top 150, drawing 2.392 million viewers.

Below is our 2019 Impact Viewership Tracker:

January 3 Episode: 151,000 viewers
January 10 Episode:

2018 Total: 13.008 million viewers
2018 Average: 250,154 viewers per episode

2017 Total: 16.147 million viewers
2017 Average: 311,000 viewers per episode

Source: ShowBuzz Daily


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