Independent Wrestler Calls Out Power Ranger, Shuji Ishikawa Signs With AJPW, Impact Top 5

- In honor or returning to The Asylum for their Homecoming PPV on January 6th, Impact Wrestling posted the above video of the top five Asylum Era title wins. Highlights include A.J. Styles and R-Truth winning the NWA Worlds Championship and the first Ultimate X match for the X Division Championship.


- It was recently reported that the Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank will be making his pro wrestling debut this year. He is expected to make his debut for the Loredo Wrestling Alliance. As far as future opponents go, "All Ego" Ethan Page called out JDF for a match sometime in the future.

JDF has not responded yet and it is unknown what promotion would hold the match if it were to take place.

- Shuji Ishikawa has signed a long-term deal with All Japan Pro Wrestling. The former Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion has been a freelancer for a number of years and has wrestled for the promotion since 2015.