Jack Swagger Plans To Trademark His Wrestling Name

Former WWE superstar, Jack Swagger is scheduled to make his MMA debut tonight at Bellator 214 against J.W. Kiser (0-1). Swagger has been actively discussing tonight's fight with press and he isn't shy when talking about matters concerning his former employer, WWE.


One recent interview saw Swagger telling SportingNews.com that he's in the process of trademarking his "Jack Swagger" name, that way he can represent himself as Swagger in future Bellator fights. Swagger maintains a good relationship with the WWE and he considers their approval of his Bellator entrance tonight, featuring WWE's R-Truth, as a good sign of where their relationship stands.

"I still have a very good relationship with WWE. That's why they are allowing R-Truth to perform my entrance on Saturday," Swagger said. "I thought that was a very good sign from them. It's a little bit of writing on the wall from them.

"As far as the Jack Swagger name, they do not have it trademarked. I'm in the process of trademarking the name. I know there's a singer who has it trademarked for musical performances but this isn't music. I think I have a good chance of owning it down the line. I won't have the name for this fight, but hopefully, by the second fight it will be Jack Swagger."


Swagger would also confront the idea of being compared to WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, who departed WWE in 2004 and would become UFC Heavyweight Champion in November 2008. Swagger doesn't mind the comparisons and realizes that Lesnar isn't the worst person one could be compared to.

"No, I'm not tired of that comparison," Swagger stated. "I look at it this way: Everybody has questions. Everybody wants to identify me as a fighter in a certain way. On Saturday, I'm going to answer all those questions. They're going to see from the show who I am. The questions do get tiresome at times, but it's part of the game. If people want to compare me to Brock Lesnar ? there's worse people to compare me to."

Swagger had mentioned Lesnar and former WWE superstar, CM Punk in an interview with MMAFighting.com earlier this week. Swagger believes that his debut will be of better success than Punk and Lesnar's because he conditioned himself to not be afraid of face punches at fighting camp.

"I'm very lucky that it's 2019 and I don't have to have video cassettes of all the promotions to get this," Swagger said. "I can just go on YouTube, and see the footage, and get the film, and have the research, and get better. The main thing I take away from it is, you can't be afraid to get punched in the face at camp. You see that with Brock, you see that with Punk, they didn't want to get punched in the face. I needed it, I needed to learn how to react to it and see how my body is gonna have the instincts to react in that moment. That's the main things I took from it, and at the same time, those other guys, they shied away from their pro wrestling background, where, I'm embracing it. This is who I am and, dude, I love it, ya know? What's not to like?"


Punk would tweet a response to Swagger, writing, "You shouldn't either. Good skill this weekend, pulling for you."

Source: SportingNews.com