Jake Roberts Responds To Wrestler's Claim That Roberts Scammed Him Out Of $10,000

Former wrestler Jerry Grey was a star across many promotions in the 1980s including Mid South Wrestling and Jim Crockett Promotions. Nicknamed the Golden Boy, Grey became a promoter after retiring from the ring, but was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer in 2018.


Recently, Grey posted on Facebook that Jake "The Snake" Roberts had scammed him out of $10,000 over the years which would come in handy as he's battling cancer. Roberts responded to those claims when he dropped by the Why It Ended podcast featuring Robert Strauss and Matt Koon.

"Jerry's [made] some mistakes you know, he's said some things that aren't true. He's trying to raise money to pay for his care," Roberts said. "I know he's having a tough time, but Jerry when you team up with Honky Tonk [Man]..."

"It seems like he's calling in debts from 25 years ago," Koon jumped in. "It doesn't seem really fair."

"It's a lie, it's a lie man," replied Roberts. "Jesus Christ, where in the hell is he gonna get 10,000 dollars? If he loaned me $10,000 wouldn't he have get it writing at least?


"Jesus it's the most ridiculous crap ever, and here's how you know... Honky Tonk's involved... You know, give me a break, Honky you loser, sit down and shut up."

Honky Tonk Man's level of involvement in this is a bit unclear, but Roberts seems to indicate that Gray used Honky Tonk Man to spread the allegations that Roberts scammed Grey.

"You know when you are down and out and you're dying of cancer, things aren't too damn good, I get it," said Roberts. "But don't attack your friends Jerry.

"Jesus it's just so sick it's sad, and just because Honky can sell 'hey man if you did it it would be a good way you can get a bunch of people up Jake's ass, and guess what? They will probably throw some money at you. You know what I mean man? Because no one knows who you are Jerry, and you can get some publicity on ya'.... Jesus Christ man... Welcome to Memphis Honky... Go home."

It seems to be a "he said, he said" situation and no one knows the truth except the individuals involved. But Jake Roberts did say that he hopes Grey is able to prevail in his battle with cancer.

"I hope he recovers, no one needs to die of cancer," stated Roberts. "Yeah I want him to get better, and I want him to admit the damn truth? Fans I do support him, I hope you do."


Grey started a GoFundMe to help raise money to offset the medical costs. He has reached over $18,000 of his goal of $25,000 and you can donate to it here.

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Source: Why It Ended with Robbie E