Ring Of Honor Confirms Flip Gordon And Chris Sabin Injuries

Over the weekend, both Flip Gordon and Chris Sabin went down with what looked like knee injuries in their respective matches, which required both wrestlers to be helped to the back. For Sabin, it was at the TV tapings at Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia where he went down during a 6-way match.

At yesterday's Honor Reigns Supreme live event in Concord, North Carolina, after hitting a dropkick on his opponent, Tracy Williams, Gordon immediately began to favor his knee and eventually rolled out of the ring due to the pain. The match was stopped shortly after.

Ring of Honor has sent Wrestling Inc. a statement to confirm both were knee injuries, but don't yet know the severity of either until further tests are concluded.

"Unfortunately, Ring of Honor can confirm that both Flip Gordon and Chris Sabin suffered knee injuries during this past weekend's events that left them each in significant pain. The severity for each injury will not be known until further tests are concluded, but we wish them a speedy recovery and hope they can return to the ROH ring soon."

Ring of Honor hits the road again later this month for their Road to G1 Supercard events in Dallas (January 24), Houston (January 25), and San Antonio (January 26). The sold-out ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard takes place on April 6 at Madison Square Garden.


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