Sasha Banks And Bayley Talk WWE RAW Match, The Miz Meets Johnny Cage, Drew McIntyre - Royal Rumble

- Above, Xavier Woods talked with Johnny Cage (Daniel Pesina) about Mortal Kombat. Backstage at a WWE live event, Pesina met Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin. The Miz (who has the Johnny Cage-esque vibe) also showed up and they both signed and traded 8x10s of each other while posing for the cameras.

- WWE caught up with Bayley and Sasha Banks to ask them about their upcoming match on Monday's RAW against WWE RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey and Natalya. Bayley wondered if Ronda saw their tag win at last night's WWE live event, but Banks didn't think she noticed.

"I don't think Ronda was watching, but it's kind of funny to me because she's our champion, right?" Banks began. "She shows up when she wants to show up. But it's alright! We're here every single week, every single Monday Night RAW, proving what we do best. And that's dominate. Because we are The Boss and Huge Connection, and nobody does it better than us. Do you hear that, Ronda?"

- At last night's WWE live event in San Antonio, Drew McIntyre put out a warning that he plans on running through every WWE Superstar in the Royal Rumble, no matter what number he gets.

"You can prolong fate, but you can't stop it!" McIntyre yelled. "I don't care if I'm number 29, number 15, or number one. I will run through every single man in my way and go on to fulfill my destiny at WrestleMania when I win the Universal Championship!"


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