News On WWE's Second WWE Championship Belt Design For Daniel Bryan

As noted, WWE Champion Daniel Bryan revealed a new title belt on this week's SmackDown after tossing the regular title in the trash can. The new belt is made from hemp and wood from a naturally fallen oak tree, according to Bryan.


WWE had two new designs in mind for Bryan's replacement title, according to @Wrestlevotes. They posted details before tonight's SmackDown of the version that was unveiled on the show. The other design was said to be not as "drastic" as the one that was revealed. The other design included an "eco sourced" strap and "recycled materials" to make up the plates. That design also still had a shine to it.

Bryan will defend his title in the Elimination Chamber next month against Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Mustafa Ali and AJ Styles.

WWE posted this up-close shot of the new belt: