WWE Monitoring AEW Rally?, Paige Responds To Alleged Fan Snub, Inside Edition Piece On Gene Okerlund

- Our own Justin LaBar of the Wednesday edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast, as well as the Thursday live WINCLY podcast, spoke to Inside Edition about the passing of "Mean" Gene Okerlund, which you can watch in the video above. LaBar noted that Okerlund was the "measuring stick" and "the standard" for pro wrestling announcers. LaBar also discussed Okerlund's legendary interviews with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair.

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- As noted, AEW will host their "Double or Nothing" rally in Jacksonville next Tuesday, January 8th at 5 pm ET at the parking lot of West Club at the TIAA Bank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. That night's SmackDown Live will emanate from Jacksonville as well. Bryan Alvarez stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that there will be WWE officials reportedly in attendance "monitoring" the AEW rally.

- Paige was on the receiving end of a Twitter storm from a woman who claimed that Paige snubbed a fan who wanted her photo at a UFC event. The woman tweeted that Paige's "boyfriend refused her to take a photo with a young boy asking" and she "just captured the moment." The woman added, "Yes I felt it was rude on her behalf. Regardless she is still a representative of a brand. A brand that is well respected. It's like the military. Your always on duty. She could have politely declined."

Paige responded to the tirade, writing, "Jeez lady. Let it go. It's wild how you're the ONLY person out of the hundreds of people who came up to me that night who has a complaint. Solidified that I had a great reason to say no to you. It's "fans" like you that makes people not wanna give your entitled ass a pic."

"always on duty huh?" she wrote in a separate tweet. "So what happens when i have to use the restroom? What happens if I'm having a bad day personally? What happens if I'm in the middle of eating? Etc. I have to stop what I'm doing make sure rude people like yourself get a pic? I'll take pics w/ anyone. Not YOU."

You can check out some of the exchange below: