WWE Royal Rumble: AJ Styles Vs. Daniel Bryan (WWE Title Match)

WWE Title Match: AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan

We go to the ring and out first comes AJ Styles. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan is out next. We get formal ring introductions from Hamilton.

The bell rings and they face off. They go to the corner and break but AJ beats Bryan down as the referee warns him. Back and forth early on in the match. AJ drops Bryan with a shoulder and takes him back down, grounding him in the middle of the ring. AJ gets the upperhand again and sends Bryan to the floor to regroup.


Bryan takes AJ to the corner but AJ fights out. Bryan fights AJ into the opposite corner. AJ fights right back out with strikes. AJ backdrops Bryan. Bryan charges in the corner but misses, hitting the turnbuckles. Bryan dumps AJ to the floor and he hits the ring post on the way down. Bryan smirks as AJ clutches his arm on the outside while the referee counts. Bryan comes to the floor and sends AJ shoulder-first into the ring post. Bryan brings it back into the ring and delivers a stiff kick to the arm. Bryan keeps AJ down, focusing on the arm. Bryan with a 2 count. Bryan keeps AJ grounded again. AJ breaks the hold by getting his foot on the bottom rope.

AJ gets up and rocks Bryan with strikes. AJ with a sunset flip for a 2 count. Bryan with a double underhook slam into an armbar. AJ resists but Bryan kicks him while they're down. AJ breaks it by getting to the bottom rope again. Bryan keeps control of AJ, dropping him to the mat again and talking trash. Bryan mounts AJ with more strikes. Bryan stands up and poses for a mixed reaction from the crowd. AJ looks for a comeback and hits a dropkick. AJ keeps control and hits a pumphandle into a backbreaker. AJ with a suplex into a neckbreaker for a 2 count. AJ pounds Bryan in the face now while they're down. AJ goes for a Styles Clash but it's countered into a takedown for a pin attempt. They roll around the mat with pin attempts. AJ with a Dragon Screw leg whip. AJ with another leg whip.


Bryan turns it around with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckles. Bryan with more offense into the corner now. Bryan counters and hits a Dragon suplex for a close 2 count. They tangle in the corner. AJ goes for a super Styles Clash but Bryan kicks him out to the floor. AJ makes it back in at the 6 count. Bryan gets sent to the floor. AJ knees Bryan in the face from the apron. More back and forth on the floor. AJ jumps on the barrier and hits the moonsault into the reverse DDT on the floor. The referee counts as we get a replay.

AJ brings it back in and springboards with the 450 but Bryan gets his knees up. Bryan tries for the LeBell Lock and gets it locked in. Bryan yells at AJ to tap out. AJ turns it into a 2 count. AJ applies the Calf Crusher as Bryan screams in pain. Bryan makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Bryan drops AJ with an enziguri. Bryan delivers kicks to AJ while AJ is on his knees now. AJ ducks the roundhouse kick but Bryan delivers another kick and connects with the injured arm. AJ rolls Bryan for the Calf Crusher but Bryan kicks him in the head for a close 2 count. Bryan hold AJ's arms and stomps away. Bryan goes to the top but AJ rocks him. AJ climbs up and headbutts Bryan a few times. AJ unloads with headbutts now. Bryan slides down and crotches AJ on the top. Bryan climbs up and goes for the super back suplex from the top but AJ manages to land on his feet. AJ goes on and applies the Calf Crusher in the middle of the ring. AJ turns it into a 2 count. Bryan's knee goes out. They battle for a backslide now. Bryan unloads with elbows. AJ with elbows now. AJ breaks it and nails a Brainbuster for a close 2 count.


AJ rocks Bryan from the apron. AJ springboards up for the Phenomenal Forearm but Bryan kicks his hand and AJ falls on the apron. Bryan gets hung up over the top rope. AJ springboards again but Bryan kicks him out of the air. AJ drops Bryan with a pele kick. Erick Rowan comes walking to the ring in street clothes.

Rowan watches from ringside as AJ and Bryan go at it again. AJ blocks an enziguri and hits a Styles Clash. The referee is down now. Rowan comes in the ring, stopping AJ from making the pin. Rowan palms AJ's head and chokeslams him to the mat. Bryan crawls over and covers AJ as the referee wakes up. Bryan gets the pin to win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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