On this past Monday's RAW, Stephanie McMahon suspended Becky Lynch until she got her knee medically cleared for her upcoming title match against WWE RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. Lynch would be escorted out of the building shortly after, still walking with a noticeable limp.

As noted yesterday, Lynch posted a clip from the above video with her own words over what Rousey said to her, mainly mocking Rousey's recent fast-talking promos.

Rousey has since responded to the challenger, "I've had seven knee surgeries and no one's ever seen me limp. #IceAndAdvileB----."

Lynch shot back earlier today, referencing Rousey's two MMA losses, which came via head kick/punches (KO) and punches (TKO), "Pretty sure everyone has seen you limp at least twice."

Despite being suspended, the McMahon Family have invited Lynch to this week's RAW.