HC Loc On Being In The First Intergender Match On WWE Raw, What Wrestling Needs Now

HC Loc has over 20 years in the wrestling business since getting his first break as WWE enhancement talent during the Attitude Era. He then went on to ECW before becoming a Ring of Honor tag champion alongside Tony DeVito.

Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc caught up with Loc where he talked about his days in WWE and specifically being a part of the first intergender match on Raw when he took on Luna Vachon.

Loc says the only reason he got anywhere in wrestling was due to his persistence and he persistently called Howard Finkel, who was booking WWE enhancement talent at the time, to get a shot. Tony Garea walked up to him backstage at Raw one day and started laughing before saying, "You're gonna work with Luna tonight."

"My pleasure," replied Loc. "I've been getting beat up my women my whole career.

"So it was pretty funny. We went out there and it was 20 seconds bell to bell. At the time it was the most money I ever made and Goldust beat me up beforehand. She gave me a big slap in the face, monkey-flipped me and they told me in the back, 'Make sure you're in the middle' as she gave me a big splash headbutt off the top that was "dangerously close" as Jim Ross said.

When they got in the back, Luna asked Loc, "How was your pee-pee?"

"Fine ma'am, thank you very much," said Loc. "But if I knew then what I know now, I could have made more off it."

Loc then says some old-timers gave him some bad advice on jobbing to a girl and that looking back at it, that was bad advice as he was just looking for an opportunity and got one.

"Not very many months after that I got started with ECW, so it just snowballed from there," stated Loc. "You know how WWE is ? I don't think they acknowledge that as the first intergender match. But I do!"

Loc came up in a different era in wrestling, and while he enjoys what he sees now, he stresses that "less is more" when it comes to what goes on in a ring.

"[Wrestling] needs more of what we had when we were growing up," said Loc. "Right now, the athletes are so great and so creative. But if they put 50 moves in a match when they could have put 5 [it sets a standard]?and the next time none of those 50 moves can be the end of the match now and now I have to do 51 moves. Where do you go from there?

Loc says that trying to constantly top the previous guy shortens careers and makes it harder to be creative.

"So to me, [wrestling] just needs to take a little step back. Take those 50 moves and get 20 matches out of them. Don't put them all in one match. In the long run, fans will like it more because they can absorb it all then," stated Loc.

The full audio from Andy's interview with HC Loc can be heard in the WINCLY podcast episode embedded below or in the video above. In it he talks more about his time in ECW, some of the craziest things he's done in his career, the next generation of pro wrestlers, his friendship with Luna Vachon and more.

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