NXT star and one of the four horsewomen of MMA Jessamyn Duke didn’t find Mia Yim’s joke about NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler very funny. Yim took to Twitter to announce her match with Baszler, though she jokingly called her Sharon Corbin in the process. Yim and Baszler will have a non-title match on next Wednesday’s episode of NXT.

Jessamyn Duke responded on Twitter with, “It’s bad enough that Mia Yim digs up an old joke that wasn’t even funny to begin with, but it shows what a massively insecure person she is attack someone’s looks. I’m going to enjoy watching Shayna Baszler break your teeth next week. You deserve it.”

It didn’t take Yim long to responded with: “Me, insecure? Nah, fam. You the one insecure about your arm drags and body slams. Get the hell outta here, thing 2.”

Duke wasn’t happy being called fam and she then went off about the fans and how entertaining it was going to be when Baszler gets her hands on Yim.

The conversation then went to MMA, where Yim wrote, “Your kicks couldn’t hold you in MMA and your kicks won’t hold you in wrestling. Maybe you should actually pay attention in training.”

Duke called her out, “You wanna talk about MMA? How many fights do you have? At least I’ve actually been tested in combat. On my worst day, I would wipe the floor with you and you know it. Funny how you never wanted to train Muay Thai any more after I handed your ass to you in sparring.”

UFC’s Angela Hill even got into the debate with telling Duke to post the video of the sparring between the two.

The latest tweet was from Yim, who wrote: “You should’ve been tested for more than just ‘in combat’.” You can read their whole Twitter exchange below: