As previously reported, Jim Ross was a guest on SiriusXM Busted Open Radio. Ross mentioned during the interview that it’s because of Ronda Rousey that a female is headlining WrestleMania and, likely, closing the show.

“You got three women who are very over,” Ross said. “They’re very talented, they all bring something different to the table, they are big time players. This is not an acapella angle, this is an ensemble cast angle. Everybody needs to be together to make this thing work. I believe it helps everybody. I would rather see a singles match close WrestleMania as oppose to a multiple person match. If they have a three-way that includes Charlotte, I got no problem with that either. I know it will be well structured and orchestrated to be one hell of a match. If this was the old school, traditional main event, I would love to see Rousey and Becky fight. If Charlotte’s added, I get it and it’s not gonna hurt the match, in my estimation.

“To be honest about it, we all know who the catalyst of this whole thing is right? Ronda Rousey’s presence and image,” J.R. continued. “What she means to the audience unsurpassed everyone on the roster except maybe Lesnar. The two most over people you can count on to sell pay-per-views in a big way is a hot angle involving Lesnar, and/or a hot angle involving Rousey. I think Rousey’s there to help these other girls get over and get established, because we know that Rousey’s not gonna be around forever, and I don’t have a problem with that.

“I don’t get mad at her because she wants to raise a child and have a family. I think that’s very greedy of us. I just think there’s a little animosity because of the MMA thing and is she gonna be like Brock and work a part-time schedule? She’s proven thus far in this first year she’s been in WWE, she works all the time. She works a big schedule. I don’t know. I don’t really understand that, quite frankly. I’m happy she’s there. If Ronda Rousey’s not on the roster and you can quote me on this damn statement – if Ronda Rousey’s not on the roster, there’s not a chance in hell a female headlines WrestleMania and closes the show.”

Becky Lynch shared a message on her Instagram, giving her thoughts about being in the WrestleMania main event, and addressing the people saying it’s all because of Ronda Rousey:

“People talking bollocks – Ronda’s name from the past might have opened a path to the main event, but my work in present will make sure people give a s–t when we get there.”

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