After his applying his craft on the indie circuit and down in Mexico for a couple of years, Killer Kross received his first opportunity with a major promotion when he signed with Impact Wrestling in 2018.

But shortly after that opportunity presented itself and Kross made his Impact debut, another possible opportunity was thrown his way when WWE reached out to him. Kross discussed WWE's interest on him when he chatted with Interactive Wrestling Radio earlier this week.

"That is absolutely true. Yes [laughs]," Kross said about WWE contacting him after his Impact debut. "Everything happens for a reason. I don't say this in a negative way but I don't think people in WWE internally or the fan base would have had any idea how to receive this character if I had went there first with it. That has a lot to do with their general platform and their presentation. I don't think they would have known how to implement this character."

The Killer Kross gimmick draws its inspiration from many other forms of media such as comic books and film characters. WWE has been known to produce watered-down versions of previous gimmicks and that could have also been the case had Kross went there.

He wouldn't rule out going to WWE in the future, but as of now he couldn't imagine a better setting for the Killer Kross character to make its name.

"So, the fact that it is happening elsewhere... Maybe one day there will be a time and a place for this guy on that stage. But, [Impact] is the perfect place to be doing this," stated Kross.

In just a few short months, Kross has already made quite the...impact with Impact Wrestling. He inserted himself into the Impact World Championship picture by aligning himself with then-champion Austin Aries last year and he's already had two shots at the Impact World Title, losing both to Johnny Impact.