King Cuerno Files Lawsuit Against El Rey Network, Class Action Lawsuit On The Way?

Lawyers for King Cuerno (aka El Hijo del Fantasma) have filed documents in Los Angeles against the El Rey Network and Lucha Underground's production Baba-G Productions, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

They are claiming the contract "illegally restricts" wrestlers from finding work in wrestling is in violation of California law. With season five very much still a mystery, wrestlers are being held to their contracts while they wait for word if there will indeed be another season.

Documents sent to Pro Wrestling Sheet detailed how wrestlers under contract make money based on the shows they appear on, at usually less than $1,000 per episode.

By contrast, Lucha Underground broadcasts between 22 and 40 television episodes per year, with no live events like the other described wrestling promotions. If a wrestler appears on a show, it is usually just a couple. The payment per episode is usually less than $1,000.

The current contract that wrestlers signed with Lucha Underground require that wrestlers not perform services for other wrestling companies anywhere in the world without Defendants permission, but does not require Defendants to use Plaintiffs in their wrestling-theme television show.

While Plaintiffs are obligated to restrict their trade under the contract (which is illegal), Defendants are not required to use or pay Plaintiffs. Defendants have the option to use Plaintiffs, and IF Defendants use Plaintiffs, Defendants will pay Plaintiffs. IF Defendants chose not to use Plaintiffs, Plaintiffs are prohibited for working for years, are not paid, but still under the restrictive contract until it expires.

Most wrestlers under a Lucha Underground contract make less than $4,000 a year. Wrestlers working for other wrestling promotions make a living wage, usually starting around $50,000 a year and entering either 6 or 7 figures.

Cuerno is claiming he has missed out on a lot of money due to his contract, as well as an opportunity with another company. They are looking for punitive and actual damages.

Lucha Central is also reporting in a statement from Fantasma's lawyer that a class action lawsuit is potentially in the works also involving Ivelisse, Joey Ryan, and Thunder Rosa (aka Kobra Moon) getting involved to get out of their contracts.

Last month, Ivelisse commented on Twitter about "being legally held hostage" because her request to be released from Lucha Underground was denied multiple times.

Ryan would later come out in support of her writing, "I back Ivelisse 100% on this. Prior to S4, we were told anybody who requested a release would be granted one. Some did and left after the tapings. Others showed faith in the product and now seems are being punished for it. With no S5 in sight, it's petty to keep anyone locked up."