Former Stardom star, Kris Wolf, 34, announced she will be retiring from wrestling later this year due to recurring symptoms from concussions she's sustained during her career.

She will have a final tour in the States, and then plans to have a retirement show in the UK.

During her four years in Stardom, Wolf won the High Speed Championship, she also worked for Ring of Honor and wXw.

In the video above, Wolf streamed yesterday and talked a bit about how she's feeling these days.

"I wanted to let you guys know that this is going to be my last tour," Wolf said. "I've had kind of some s---ty symptoms [from] my concussion stuff come up. ... I think now would be a good time to peace out before I completely lose my mind. Just had a couple of blackouts, memory issues."

Below is a match with Wolf taking on Sumie Sakai in ROH.