At this Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber PPV, WWE RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey will defend her title against Ruby Riott.

In advance of the match, Riott has been reminding everyone that the WrestleMania RAW Women's Title match is not final yet, writing to Rousey, "You're so focused on giving the women's evolution what they deserve, that you're not even looking at Elimination Chamber. So I'll gladly take your title & main event WrestleMania, whether they like it or not."

In the replies to that tweet, Lana gave her support to Riott winning the title, calling Rousey, "overrated" and noting she hasn't done much to help the RAW ratings. "I would be thrilled if you took her place! So overrated she is! [Rolling Eyes Emoji] I mean she claims to change the game yet she can't bring ratings....soooo, ummm. [Thinking Emoji]"

Another individual pointed out the impact Rousey had in UFC with multiple one-million PPV buys. Lana responded, "She 100% changed the game in UFC, but this WWE and she hasn't changed the game here. I am just saying I rather have Ruby as champion. Hate me for that! I don't care. Everyone hates me anyways. [Laughing emoji]"