As reported earlier today, during an Impact Wrestling media call, Disco Inferno defended his stance about women's wrestling and stated that he's not sexist. One of his comments about women wrestling involved him comparing it to the WNBA and saying that, "They're not as good as the guys."

Inferno was also quoted saying, "I am a fan of the women's wrestlers that can combine good looks with good work. If there's a girl out there whose work isn't as good but she's hotter and has sex appeal, I'm a fan of that." He also mentioned that there was too much TV time dedicated to women's wrestling.

Former Women of Honor Champion Kelly Klein shared a link to a story about Disco Inferno comments with the caption: "Dude you are so gross but congrats on finding a way to get some attention."

Former ECW and WWE star Lance Storm quickly replied to Klein's tweet with, "I don't want to bother reading. Is his reason because he's upset most are having better matches and accomplishing more than he did during his run?" You can read their Twitter exchange below: