WWE NXT Star Ricochet Talks About His High-Risk Moves And The Toll It Takes On His Body

WWE NXT star Ricochet spoke to The Mirror about how his high-risk moves and the toll they take on his body. Ricochet also addressed how much input he has in each of his matches. Below are highlights from the interview:


His high-risk wrestling style and how it takes a toll on his body

"Oh, I'm broken! [laughs] But I think the love of it overtakes the struggles that we have to go through, and not just me, because a lot of the guys here have been doing it for like 12 – 15 plus years. There's wear and tear on every single one of us. We love doing it and love to go out there, but we are all hurting. And football is the same thing, or hockey or rugby, they're all hurting. But we go out there and love it.

"Luckily, here in WWE, they have a mega-awesome medical group. They're there at every show. If something is hurting even slightly, they're gonna ice it or something. They take care of us so well. For 14 years before coming here, I just never took care of my body. But since I've been here in NXT, they're so keen on us taking care of ourselves, and that's why there's such a great medical staff to say, 'You should take care of this or that.' But again, day to day, we love it and, if we had to, we'd go out there and wrestle on a broken leg. Here they'd be like, 'Maybe you should just take it easy!'"


How much say he has for each of his matches

"Oh, they let us [have input] – especially if it's a TakeOver, or television or something. The coaches are there to bounce ideas off and stuff, but at the end of the day, they let us be us. We make our match and we do 'us', you know what I mean? They do say, 'Maybe if you did this or tried that, this would be better,' or something, but, we get to be us and they don't push anything on us and say, 'No you can't do that!' They let us be ourselves, which is awesome."

How long it takes to create a new move

"I don't do any new moves! I just do the same stuff that I've been doing for 15 years but have kind of perfected. I just try to find different ways. There are so many different characters and sports entertainers here. I have to figure out different ways to get into the moves that I do because everyone has a different offense, and I need different counters to go into my moves, and that's more down to tape watching."

Ricochet will be competing in the Halftime Heat six-man tag team match during Superbowl 53's halftime show. It will be available to watch on WWE Network. You can read the whole interview here.