After signing with Ring Of Honor recently, veteran wrestler PCO has the chance to return to one of his favorite arenas to perform in, Madison Square Garden. On last week's episode of our WINCLY podcast, PCO spoke to Wrestling Inc. managing editor Nick Hausman about the possibility of being a part of the upcoming ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard.

During the early part of his career, PCO had the opportunity to work a feud with Bret Hart, which featured a main event match at a house show at MSG. PCO received a lot of praise for performing well alongside the legendary Hart. He explained that he always wanted to do his best at the Garden because he knew Vince McMahon would be watching. He said it meant a lot to him to earn the respect of the WWE Chairman.

"It's a very special building for me, I've always had great performances there. It's something where Vince, it's in his backyard, so Vince is always there watching the matches behind the curtain, or if it was a WrestleMania or something like that," PCO said. "For Vince, that's his house basically, so that's why every time I was there I was performing very well and always getting good accolades from Vince after each and every match that I did there."

PCO debuted in ROH at the December TV tapings, joining Marty Scurll's new stable Villain Enterprises. Even though he is in his early-50's, he doesn't have plans of slowing down anytime soon so he expects to be involved in the G1 Supercard on April 6. He said that he is excited to be a part of a company like ROH, so he expects the next performance at the Garden to be just as great as the other ones.

"This one is gonna be very [special] because it's for the company that I think, for me is the perfect company, the best company for me because of all the success they had last year with All In, with selling out the Garden in less than 30 minutes, with the success of Final Battle, the TV tapings of Final Battle fallout and just the way they've been creating talents year after year," he said. "They lost a lot of talent but they've always been able to re-create something as big, if not bigger than the year before. It's so crazy to be a part of a company like that, I'm so pumped. There's a lot of great news coming up for the year of 2019 for ROH, and I'm gonna be part of that."

You can check out PCO's full interview in this week's WINCLY in the audio below: