Danny Cage has over 20 years in the wrestling industry in various capacities. First he was a wrestler before a back injury ended his career in 2005. He then started training future wrestlers at the famed Monster Factory wrestling school in New Jersey. Today, Cage is the operations manager at the ROH Dojo in Baltimore, Maryland.

Many of the wrestlers Cage has trained have gone onto have careers in WWE and other promotions. There is now a new promotion available to aspiring wrestlers with the launch of AEW and Cage gave his thoughts on AEW during an interview with Shining Wizards.

“I never speculate on anything until I see some evidence of something,” said Cage. “Like, I don’t know what it’s going to be. They haven’t run a show yet. Sure, they said they signed some talent. I don’t know if they did. This is wrestling. It could all not have happened. It wouldn’t be the first time that somebody said that we’ve signed such and such and nothing’s ever happened. I’m not saying nobody is signed, but when’s their first show, in May? I mean, that’s their first show, so that’s a long way away? and I don’t even know what they’re going to run after that.

“I don’t know if they’re going to have TV, if they’re going to run weekly shows, if they’re going to do TV tapings and just release it after that. Are they going to run in big venues like this one? Because MGM Grand? it’s a lot of money to get that building.”

Jim Ross always says that a wrestling promotion needs two things to succeed: talent and television. AEW appears to have the talent but they are still working on the TV part.

“I know they have financial backing and all that stuff, but like with anything, when stuff isn’t profitable, the financial backing can go away,” stated Cage. “That’s why I can’t speculate because I don’t want to say it’s going to be the greatest thing ever, because it can go away tomorrow if [Tony Khan] just decides he doesn’t want to do it anymore. I know this guy’s a big wrestling fan, but sometimes that guy doesn’t decide to do it anymore.

“That’s my biggest fear. I think that those guys are great wrestling minds and if everything works out, sure, it could be awesome, but I think I’d have to see the first show that they run and then I’d have to see their scheduling come up.

Cage said it’s heartbreaking to see guys in wrestling who are forced to work to settle with minimum-wage-type jobs outside of wrestling. To that point, he is happy that AEW is around to give those in the wrestling industry another place to work.

“So, I hope it does good and I hope what that means is other companies now invest more money in their guys because of fear of people getting signed or going elsewhere,” said Cage. “Plus, it makes people then treat their employees better, because if not, they’re going to leave.

“I mean my wife treats me fantastic, but if a hot lady moves in next door, I think my wife would be really nice to me. And I think if a really super good looking guy moved next door, I’d probably treat my wife even better. Not that I’m not a great husband, but that’s just how human nature works. I can’t speak for other companies, but I would assume it would make ROH, WWE, and New Japan really take care of people in fear of if they’re not happy, they are going to leave.”

Cage then reiterated that all he’s seen is talk and headlines at this point, but he is eager to see how AEW plays out.

“I hope they get a TV deal,” stated Cage. I hope that means more TV, more contracts, more money for everybody, but we shall see. I got to really reserve judgment until I see their first show and what they’re going to do after because I’m very curious. I’ve been talking to some people on the inside, so I’m just very curious as to where they’re going to go with this. It’s not me bagging on them or doubting them. I go by what I see in front of me.”

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