- The video featured above is the full WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship match from the 2015 Elimination Chamber PPV. The New Day retained the titles after Kofi Kingston connected with the Trouble In Paradise on Titus O' Neil for the three count.

- WWE Superstar Roman Reigns did a signing appearance at the World of Wheels in Pittsburgh, PA yesterday. Reigns stayed an hour later than was advertised and seemed to be in good spirits throughout the event. Reigns is also scheduled to make an appearance at the World of Wheels event in Indianapolis tomorrow.

- "The Man" Becky Lynch is at it again. On Twitter earlier today, Lynch posted a video of her backstage segment with Ronda Rousey during last Monday's RAW. Lynch added to the video some of her own, personal subtitles. The captions read:

"Hello, real champ. The have me do this back here because I suck at this and now the people know and I'm saying things in long sentences that run on and on and I do it really fast. I also use big words for no reason. Ilovelongsentencewithwordsthathavenoplaceintheresobipptyboppityboopitybooboo and I can't stop doing it please help me. I have AUSPICIOUS and two OSCULATORS of PERFIDIOUSNESS and SESQUIPEDALIAN SISTERS OF SHANGHAI WHAT IS A DREAM IF NOT A BIG DREAM?"