- Above is video of Kayla Braxton talking to new SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos after their win over The Miz and Shane McMahon at WWE Elimination Chamber last night. Kayla asked what emotions were going through them after the win, which came just days after Jimmy Uso's arrest for disorderly conduct & obstruction in Detroit.

"Emotions is an exact word," Jimmy said while getting emotional. "We go out there day in and day out, and you grind, and you bust your ass. As soon as you slip up one time, you got the whole world against you. It's hard to go out there like that, with the mind of thinking everybody out here is against you. So, you go out there and you show them what you're really made out of."

Jey Uso added, "It's about, like, you know, getting burned down and coming out of the ashes stronger than you was. Sometimes real people like me and him, what you see in front of you, you get put through real hard times. And what did we do tonight? We bounced back like two basketballs. It don't matter, the thing is, we go out there and we grind hard, and we do what we gotta do, and we're still on top of the game. It don't matter what the people say because I got my brother, my brother's got me."

Jimmy continued, "You get knocked down 99 times, you're gonna stand up 100, but from now on, anybody that's got something to say, anybody that's got something to do, you know where to find The Uces. And guess what? We're going to square up."

- Cathy Kelley previews tonight's post-Elimination Chamber edition of WWE RAW from Lafayette, LA in this new video:

- As seen below, 67% of fans voted for the WWE Title Elimination Chamber as their favorite match from last night's Chamber pay-per-view, with 38,283 votes. 25% voted for the Chamber for the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles while 5% voted for Akira Tozawa vs. WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy and 3% voted for The Usos' win over The Miz and Shane.