Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan

Back from another promo and it's time for tonight's main event. Out first comes Kofi Kingston as Greg Hamilton does the introductions. Jeff Hardy is out next, followed by Randy Orton. AJ Styles is out next, followed by Samoa Joe. The others enter the pods as Joe waits. WWE Champion Daniel Bryan is out last with Rowan at his side. Bryan calls for the music to be cut. He isn't happy about being forced to start the match, blaming it on fans and the WWE officials who listen to them. Referees come up the ramp to back Rowan to the backstage area. Bryan yells "no!" at Rowan being sent to the back. Fans sing "goodbye!" to Rowan. Bryan goes on ranting before finally entering the Chamber with the WWE Title. He hands over the title to the referee and it's finally time to go.

The bell rings and Joe is ready to fight but Bryan stalls some, waiting on the timer to count down so the third Superstar can come into the match. Bryan tests Joe out with a few kicks. Joe catches a kick and unloads with stiff kicks of his own. Joe with a kneebar early on, taking Bryan down to the mat. Joe breaks it but Bryan chops him in the corner. Joe takes the chop and chases Bryan to the steel platform on the outside. Joe chops Bryan over and over against the steel wall now. Joe brings it back in the ring and Bryan counters a move but Joe powerbombs him for a 2 count. That's turned into a submission. Joe gets the STF applied in the middle of the ring now. Joe goes into another submission, focusing on the arm and shoulder. Joe with a 2 count. Bryan comes right back and takes Joe's knee out. Bryan sends Joe out to the steel platform. Bryan rams Joe face-first into one of the pods. Bryan stands tall and poses to mostly boos from the crowd.

Bryan brings it back into the ring for a 2 count. Joe takes another chop and drops Bryan with a chop of his own. Joe with a big headbutt and more strikes. Joe misses in the corner and Bryan sends him face-first into the turnbuckles. The timer starts counting down now. The next Superstar let loose into the match is Kofi Kingston. Kofi kicks Bryan and then Joe. Kofi springboards in and goes to work. Joe blocks a DDT but Kofi kicks him in the head from the corner. Kofi with a big top rope splash to the back of Joe for a 2 count. Bryan drops Kofi gut-first over the top rope. Bryan goes to the top and drives a knee to Kofi's neck while he's laid out over the top rope. Bryan with a 2 count on Kofi. Joe with shots to both opponents now. Bryan goes to the top of a pod, distracting Joe. Kofi attacks Joe from behind and takes him to the corner. Bryan takes a seat and watches from the top of a pod now. Kofi leaps to the top of the pod and faces off with Bryan, who pleads with him. Kofi rocks Bryan and works him over on top of the pod. Bryan walks the side of the steel wall and tries to escape from Kofi. They trade kicks up high on the steel wall. Joe climbs up and pulls Bryan down. Kofi kicks Joe's hands and puts him down. Kofi drops down from the top, landing on Bryan and Joe. Kofi also lands hard but fans chant his name.

Kofi with a 2 count to Bryan, then Joe. Bryan and Kofi go at it now. Kofi with a back elbow and a 2 count on Bryan. Joe comes back and hits the big senton on Bryan. Joe with a snap suplex to Kofi for a 2 count. Joe sends Bryan out to the steel platform and works him over with chops against the wall. The timer counts down and the next entrant is AJ Styles. Styles kicks Bryan in the face and drops Joe. AJ goes to work on Kofi and then Joe again. AJ clotheslines Joe to the mat. Bryan takes AJ to the corner but AJ fights back, unloading on Bryan. Bryan runs into an elbow. AJ with the moonsault from the top, grabbing Bryan and Kofi for a pair of inverted DDTs for a 2 count on Bryan, then a 2 count on Kofi. Fans chant for Styles as he stands tall. AJ with a big forearm to Joe. Bryan climbs the steel but AJ springboards up and knocks him off with a forearm. More back and forth between the three now. Joe applies the Coquina Clutch to Kofi. It ends up broken but AJ leaps in with a Phenomenal Forearm to Joe. AJ covers for the pin and Joe has been eliminated. The timer counts down and the next entrant is Jeff Hardy.

Hardy comes in and unloads for several minutes. AJ is placed over the top turnbuckle face down. Hardy goes to the top of a pod and hits a big Swanton to AJ. They both land hard. Bryan comes over and covers Hardy for the pin. Hardy has been eliminated.

Bryan with kicks in the corner to AJ now. More chaos from the other participants for a few minutes. Randy Orton is the last man in. He goes to work on AJ while AJ is upside down in the corner. Kofi charges but Orton drops him. Orton goes back to work on AJ in the corner now. Bryan ends up blocking the RKO and back-sliding Orton for a 2 count. Orton drops Bryan next. Kofi charges at Orton with a big dropkick as fans chant Kofi's name. More back and forth all over the Chamber now. This leads to Orton hitting the RKO on AJ for the pin. AJ has been eliminated.

Kofi and Orton go at it now. Orton avoids Trouble In Paradise. Orton crotches Kofi on the top now. Orton takes out Bryan as he tires to come from behind. This leads to Kofi dropping Orton with a Trouble In Paradise after blocking the RKO, and covering him for the pin. Orton has been eliminated.

Fans chant for Kofi as he stands tall while Bryan recovers. Bryan and Kofi unload on each other now. Bryan with big kicks while Kofi is on his knees, bringing "no!" chants from the fans. Kofi ducks the roundhouse kick and drops Bryan with a SOS for another close pin attempt. Kofi leaps in the corner but hits the turnbuckles face-first as Bryan moves.

Fans chant for Kofi but Bryan taunts him and talks some trash. Bryan with more big kicks in the corner now as fans chant "no!" again. Bryan with two corner dropkicks, and a third, and a fourth. Bryan runs in for another dropkick but Kofi cuts him off and drops him for a very close 2 count. Kofi can't believe it. Fans chant Kofi's name again. Bryan rolls to the steel platform for a breather as Kofi approaches. Fans boo. Kofi comes to the steel instead and they go at it. Kofi slams Bryan's face into the steel wall over and over. Kofi gets hyped up as fans pop for him again. Bryan counters a move and launches Kofi into the side of one of the pods, cutting off the energy from Kofi's supporters in the crowd. Bryan waits for Kofi to get up and then hits the big running knee. Kofi still kicks out at 2 and Bryan can't believe it.

Fans chant for Kofi again but Bryan just shakes his head. Bryan stands over Kofi and stomps away on his head while holding his arms. Bryan covers for a 2 count. Bryan charges but Kofi levels him out of nowhere for another close 2 count. Bryan drops Kofi into the LeBell Lock. Bryan transitions as Kofi tries to break free. Fans chant for Kofi again as he reaches for the bottom rope. Kofi finally gets the rope and the hold is broken. Bryan is exhausted, laid out on top of Kofi. Fans chant "this is awesome!" now. Bryan goes to the top rope but Kofi crotches him. Fans chant for Kofi as he climbs up to the top with Bryan. Bryan escapes to the top of the pod. Kofi joins him on top of the pod and works him over. Kofi smashes Bryan back into the glass of the pod. Kofi stands up with Bryan on top of the pod now. Kofi looks to hit a superplex from the top of the pod to the ring but Bryan fights back. Bryan smashes Kofi's head into the pod glass now, both Superstars still up high on top of the pod. Bryan tries for a superplex now but Kofi resists. Kofi beats Bryan down on top of the pod. Kofi kicks Bryan to the top turnbuckle and then down to the mat with a boot to the face.

Kofi stands on top of the pod as fans cheer him on. Kofi leaps out with a big crossbody but nobody is there as Bryan rolls out of the way. Kofi gets up but Bryan charges in with the running knee to the face. Bryan covers for the pin to retain.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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