If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here’s the recap.

* Young Bucks are facetiming with Adam Page who is at home with full gear on. Page says he just wanted to see his progress, Cody told him to get skinnier. Young Bucks say not skinnier, he needs to get bigger and stronger.

* Cody Rhodes talked about getting knee surgery to clean up his meniscus after years of wrestling without knee pads. He’s starting up rehab and is technically at the gym, he wonders if “chubby cheeks” Adam Page can say the same. If not, Page won’t be in full gear at Double or Nothing.

* Young Bucks at the airport before their next surprise. They talk about how much effort goes into a run-in and it’s much more than just the 30 second run-in. On their way there, they stop at the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago. Matt shows Nick the building ended up putting a a permanent All In plaque on the side of the building. Matt says they have to do another show there.

* Joey Ryan freaks out every time a wrestler (including Eli Drake) comes near him. Ryan sees a blonde woman from behind and thinks it’s Candice LeRae, but it’s actually Impact Wrestling star Scarlett Bordeaux. She asks him if he’s seen Cody and the Bucks, he runs off.

* The Bucks run into Sammy Guevara, who is filming his own vlog at the same time. His gear is a little more advanced than the Bucks, he tells them to DM him about how to use stuff like that. Then gives them a cake as a thank you. MJF shows up in a good mood and shakes their hands. He then makes fun of their “dollar store cake,” lets them know he has the flu and now they’re kids will probably get it, and leaves. Matt then says, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking about that guy?” Nick says he is, and Matt responds, “That Sammy G guy is a prick.” Nick looks at the camera confused.

* Christopher Daniels is on the phone demanding three seats on the plane and three hotel rooms, they aren’t sharing a room. Kazarian has one of his cigars, but needs a light. Scorpio says he’s got him, lights a $20 bill, and lights the cigar. The camera pans and Referee Dick Knox says “Man, those guys have changed.”

* Young Bucks do a run-in and attack Pentagon Jr. and Fenix at an AAW event. They end up superkicking both guys, Matt hits a package piledriver on Pentagon as revenge for what happened at the Ticket Announcement Party, and the duo then takes out Fenix. LAX finishes of the team for the win. Young Bucks vs. Pentagon & Fenix is made official.