The on-again, off-again friendship between Bayley and Sasha Banks in on-again...again. The Boss 'n' Hug Connection is the inaugural WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, having won the titles in an Elimination Chamber match at the pay-per-view of the same name.

Bayley talked about her relationship with Banks and how everything they went through actually helped them win the Women's Tag Titles.

"Last year we went throught so much, nobody would even understand what we went through together," Bayley told CatchClub. "But I really believe that all we went through is the reason we are tag team champions today because we literally put each other through hell and back. It really just made us stronger."

Even the best of friends have periods when they get tired of each other and need some space. Bayley was asked if it's tough being Banks' partner 24/7.

"We were already around eachother 24/7 so nothing changed there," stated Bayley. "I try to give her space, she tries to give me space. But we travel in the same car together, we stay at the same hotels together. When we're not on the road we text each other all the time. It's not annoying yet!"

It's been nearly three years since Bayley made her main roster debut and she has learned so much just from just being around other WWE Superstars. She singled out one in particular when asked who helped her the most learn ring psychology.

"Tyler Breeze! He is so amazing," said Bayley. "He taught me so much about psychology when i was in NXT, he helped me so much with my matches with Eva Marie or Asuka. And just recently when I wrestled Ronda Rousey, the person I went to was Tyler Breeze.

"He has an incredible mind and he thinks different than everybody else. He knows what works and what engages the fans. He understands me, he understands my character and the kind of wrestler that I am. He has so much great input. Sometimes I hear his voice in my head when I'm in the ring like, 'No! Don't do this or do that or you want to do it like this!' I'm very grateful for Tyler Breeze."

Source: Channel CatchClub