If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* Matt opens up the show talking about Michael Nakazawa, asking Mrs. Matt if she knew anything about him signing with AEW. He goes about his day questioning the decision while bringing his kids into it. He then is seen talking to Kenny on the phone (Kenny is using a tablet) about signing Nakazawa. Matt acts happy, but is seen as visibly upset.

* After the opening credits, Matt and Nick are shown talking about how they used to be on the road nonstop, and how the past few months they have been able to stay home. They talk about how 20 years ago they were playing on the trampoline in their backyard and now their kids are doing the same. After reflecting, Matt and Nick talk about showing some old footage from when they were young.

* We see Sammy Guevara talking to a few wrestlers, saying he didn't see a specific wrestler's match, but heard it was good (they were in the same match).

* Kazarian is seen talking to a kangaroo in Australia about having the case of the snickers. SCU then berates Australia as the worst town. They insult Outback Steakhouse, koala bears, and Tasmanian devils.

* Matt and Nick show some archived footage of them wrestling in the ring that was in their childhood backyard. Some classic Young Bucks backyard wrestling is shown. They then tease they are writing something, before deciding not to spoil anything.

* MJF, Cody and Brandi are together for dinner. As Cody leaves, MJF credits Brandi for playing the long game. He asks if gold diggers are supposed to be attractive. Brandi starts a serious promo, asking who MJF thinks he is. She degrades him, calling him an nWo Flip Gordon. She threatens to expose MJF to Cody. Calling her "Eden," MJF calls her out for looking at him, while Brandi denies it. He then insults the Rhodes' dog, calling it a dilapidated toothless gremlin. Brandi asks Alexa who MJF is, and he asks Siri what everyone calls Brandi when she leaves the room. They talk about one of them living and one of them having to die.

* Joey Ryan goes up to SCU, who barely recognize him. Joey asks if SCU can have his back while Cody, Nick and Matt aren't in Australia. They insult him, saying it isn't AEW-related. He then goes up to Flip Gordon, who is playing with action figures, and asks him for protection. Flip then asks if he'll get booked for Double or Nothing if he beats Joey up. Masa ends up saving Joey before asking where the blonde girl is.

* Various pictures, titles and action figures are shown, as Matt and Nick pick out gear for their next adventure. They have their passports with them.