Earlier this week, Chief Brand Officer of AEW Brandi Rhodes shared new merchandise for the promotion of the stuffed animal version of Pharoah (the Rhodes family dog). This reveal apparently caused some confusion for one Twitter user, who wasn't sure if the promotion can be considered family-friendly.

The user replied to the post with: "AEW is one of the most schizophrenic wrestling promotions I have ever encountered. Who's it aimed at? It's not a family friendly promotion, they do most of their promotional work in Bar wrestling, they sign adult orientated wrestlers but produce merch for small children."

Brandi Rhodes replied that it's family-friendly and inclusive, something she has said in the past. Her full quote was: "If by schizophrenic you mean inclusive, then yes. But inclusive is also family friendly, my friend."

It didn't stop there, as the same user replied with an example of Joey Ryan using the "Penis Plex" on Hangman Page when AEW invaded a Bar Wrestling event. The user also asked Brandi Rhodes, if she could bring her young daughters to Double Or Nothing?

Rhodes simply replied: "You can absolutely bring your 8-year-old to our shows. They will be in great company with all of the other kids in attendance."

Below is the Twitter exchange between the two: