– Sunday’s episode of WWE Total Bellas drew 411,000 viewers and ranked #39 on the Cable Top 150. This episode, the 7th in the 4th season, featured more with Nikki Bella and Peter Kraus of The Bachelorette plus The Bella Twins turning on RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. A video recap can be seen above.

This is down 3% from last week’s episode, which drew 424,000 viewers and ranked #29.

The Walking Dead topped the night in the cable Top 150 and in viewership with 4.708 million viewers.

Below is our Total Bellas Season 4 Viewership Tracker:

Episode 1: 505,000 viewers
Episode 2: 460,000 viewers
Episode 3: 454,000 viewers
Episode 4: 396,000 viewers
Episode 5: 426,000 viewers
Episode 6: 424,000 viewers
Episode 7: 411,000 viewers
Episode 8:

Season 3 Total: 6.342 million viewers
Season 3 Average: 634,200 viewers per episode (10 episodes)

Season 2 Total: 4.702 million viewers
Season 2 Average: 587,750 viewers per episode (8 episodes)

Season 1 Total: 3.842 million viewers
Season 1 Average: 640,000 viewers per episode (6 episodes)

– WWE Ambassador Dana Warrior took to her blog on the official website for her husband, WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior, just this week and talked about her love for writing. The blog comes just days after it was revealed that Dana has been shadowing the WWE creative team in hopes of landing a full-time creative writing job with the company. Dana reportedly feels like she can bring a female perspective to the team, which already has a few women on it.

Dana talked about how she’s been a writer from her earliest memory, and how she said she wanted to be a writer and a mom when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up during the third grade. She also said “some exciting opportunities” are ahead of her, an apparent reference to the WWE creative gig. She closed the blog like this:

When Warrior died I never sat down. I never laid in bed. I worked every day from the day we stepped back on New Mexico soil to provide for my children. There were many ways to do this but my self professed identifier from decades past burst forth. I sought my core; I unearthed my dream; I put back on my writing hat. At the start I did it to keep in touch with all you Warriors; to assure each one we’d be ok. I started to get feedback from readers looking for assurances THEY would be ok. You Warriors felt connected to the universal theme of challenges posed, lessons learned, mountains scaled with life and death consequence without the luxury of a safety net. I began to understand my warrior tribe was not only behind me in support but also behind me expecting that I lead.

I was humbled in a physical way: I literally sunk to my knees in tears, so honored by your faith, or more truly, overwhelmed by your belief.

I was scared; I did not want to let any of you down. True Warrior fans loved Warrior and Always Believed even if they might not always agree. I felt a responsibility to keep his indomitable spirit pumping, his legacy living, his legion of Warriors led…and you came along. You poured faith in a woman small in stature but bursting with belief. You rode the word train with me and delivered me from Parts Unknown to destination: Dream Recovered. How could I let my writing dream be abandoned by fear having had each of you hold a candle every week reading my columns?

Some exciting opportunities are before me now. They make me laugh and cry with excitement… stand to full height with purpose. Will there be those who try to shake my confidence, sure? Will there be unexpected naysayers questioning my chops, damn straight there will be! I’ll not permit another’s lack of support fill me with weakness or doubt. My track record of taking things on and slaying them to pretty pink ribbon is pretty gold glitter standard.

I’m a perpetual student of life, thirsting for the next level of education and mastery. Not one person taking on any challenge knows it all. A humble, eager, student is a welcomed addition to any team, across the board! When I let fear creep up about all there is to learn I let Theodore Roosevelt’s encouragement lift my confidence,

“Whenever you are asked if you can do a job tell ’em ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it!”

Ladies and gentlemen, Warriors and Warrior Women, fear of failure is the most toxic belief pattern looping through the human psyche. You’re not too old. You’re not too late. You’re not past your prime….There’s no lost time, only lessons found. There are no insurmountable obstacles; only layers of learning that fill your bank with equity, the dividends called: wisdom.

I believe anyone who hasn’t had a freaking bloody nose can’t describe the crackling pop and subsequent flooding surge. I believe the greatest stories include crawling on broken shards before breaking glass ceilings. I believe the universe honors Warriors who feel the fear but fight for the POWER of one’s ULTIMATE dream…ALWAYS!!!