Above is video of Cathy Kelley talking to WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and Rowan after last night’s WWE Fastlane pay-per-view. Bryan retained his title over Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali in a Triple Threat, which was announced as Owens vs. Bryan in a singles match going into the pay-per-view. Vince McMahon added Ali to the match during the show, just a few weeks after he pulled Kofi Kingston from the match and replaced him with Owens.

Cathy asked Bryan how he remained focused through the various changes to the match, to go on and retain the WWE Title. Bryan responded with a rant on being focused and told fans how they can change their lives – by putting the screens down.

“Focus? Focus, focus, focus. You know what I love about naturally fallen oak? The blood that I spill gets soaked up into it,” Bryan said of his custom WWE Title belt. “So the pain that I experience when I go out there, when I defend the planet every single night, it gets soaked up into the wood. Do you know how I retain my focus? Because I keep myself sharp, mentally. I keep myself sharp, physically. I remain focused at all times.

“The reason why I am the WWE Champion is because I am superior to every single person on this roster. Not physically, mentally. Focus. There’s nobody that can touch me when it comes to focus. Not Owens, not Ali, not AJ, not Rollins and certainly not Kofi because I am focused. And do you know what? All of you can learn a lesson from Daniel Bryan, about focus. Do you know what you’re not focused on? You’re not focused on your own lives, you’re too busy worrying about looking down at your screens, you’re [Cathy] too busy worrying about looking down at your screens. You think I don’t see you? You think I don’t see everybody in the back as me and Rowan walk through, with our heads held high, talking, conversing, having dialogue, having intellectual conversations. Focus! And all of you are just sitting down, staring at screens, while Rowan and I sit down and stare at naturally fallen oak, where the blood that I’ve spilled has soaked onto it. Have you ever put that kind of effort into anything? No, and none of these guys have either. Nobody in the WWE Universe has either. You want to change your life? Put down the screen. Start focusing, start changing the world for the better, like Rowan and I do. I will be The Planet’s Champion, forever.”

Bryan is now rumored to defend his title against Kofi at WrestleMania 35.