Disco Inferno Talks His Controversial Comments On Women's Wrestling, Match With Scarlett Bordeaux

Impact Wrestling's Glenn Gilbertti, also known as "Disco Inferno", was a guest on Wrestling Inc.'s own WINCLY Podcast. During the discussion, Gilbertti elaborated further on the things he said when he revealed that he wasn't a fan of women's wrestling.


Gilbertti believes that people aren't hearing the full extent of his opinions because the focus has been primarily on the more controversial things he says. His intent is to stick to his belief system when pointing out which women's matches are bad over the good ones.

"People – they highlight the inflammatory things I say. The thing with me and the women performers, I call it like I see it. The stuff that's good, I'm not saying, 'Oh you think that's good? That's really not good because of this.' No, I'm entertained by it too. The thing is, what you don't see these days is when they're not good, nobody says a word," Gilbertti explained. "I want to hold true to my belief system. I'm not going to compromise my belief system because people don't like the things I say."


Gilbertti thinks there is a collection of exception female talents in the world of pro wrestling, but beyond that group, the other competitors are taking advantage of this newfound success.

"There's a collection of girls that are really, really good and they're way head and shoulders above the others. To me, it's kinda like the rest of the girls are piggybacking off the more successful ones that are bringing them along for the ride," Gilbertti stated.

Despite past comments, Disco Inferno claims that he is a fan of some women's content, especially the promos being delivered on WWE television as of late. In an actual wrestling match however, Gilbertti would prefer to see the guys competing against one another.

"I'm interested in a lot of the women's stuff. Here's the thing, I don't dislike every single time there's a women's match on. Number one, the girls in WWE are better talkers than the guys are. I love girls and guys that can convey their words – I like good promos," Gilbertti said. "The girls are killing it and that's why they're taking these spots from the guys. That's why they're the main event of the card. But the actual matches themselves... A Finn Balor/Seth Rollins match will look better than the Ronda/Becky/Charlotte match."


Gilbertti thinks that men should strictly compete against men and women against women, and furthermore, he thinks that this "women's revolution" in the industry should be utilized as a learning opportunity to instill that. After years spent training people in the industry, Glenn thinks the biological differences are just too apparent.

"This is a cultural issue these days – there's a lot of things, these news stories where biological males compete with biological females at events in high school and stuff like that. To me, you can't do that," Gilbertti explained. "With this women's revolution thing, it's almost like you have to educate them that this is why we don't do this. And my match with Scarlett is more of a learning session, it's going to be an education. I'm going to show this is why the men should fight the women and the women should fight the women. From a person that's trained men and women in this business, I just think you can't ignore the differences. It's too obvious."

Gilbertti is looking forward to his match at Against All Odds on March 29th but he doesn't believes for a second that Scarlett Bordeaux has any chance of defeating him.

"I don't even see how [Scarlett beating me] is even a logical, hypothetical situation," Gilbertti stated. "I couldn't even discuss that, like, how would it make me feel? You're talking about something that's as unlikely to happen as the Jets winning the Superbowl, ya know?"


Glenn Gilbertti will face off against Scarlett Bordeaux at Impact Wrestling's Against All Odds on March 29th. The show will air at 11/10 CST via Pursuit and Twitch.

Glenn's full interview with Wrestling Inc was included in today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard in the embedded player below. During the interview Glenn discusses current compelling female wrestlers, his criticisms of female wrestlers' in-ring abilities, the changing diversity amongst pro wrestling fans, his upcoming Impact Wrestling match against Scarlett Bordeaux and more.

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