Edge Talks Criticism Of Torrie Wilson's WWE HOF Induction, Who Should Be Inducted

Recently on E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness, professional wrestling legends Edge and Christian weighed in on Torrie Wilson's impending WWE Hall Of Fame induction. Also, Edge shared his thoughts on a few professional wrestling veterans who should be WWE Hall Of Fame inductees.

During the podcast, Christian defended Torrie Wilson's WWE Hall Of Fame selection, arguing that women's wrestling was different in Torrie's heyday.  

"Yeah, I think it's great. I mean, I think she [has] even come out and said it, it was a different time when she was wrestling. And we were witness to the fact that it wasn't their fault that they were put in bra and panty matches or lingerie [matches]. Whatever the matches were, they were still taking it seriously and out there during the day with Fit Finlay in the ring, training, trying to figure out how they could make these matches the best they could or when they had little time to have a wrestling match. But they were in there every single day." Christian added, "I think that too that era needs to be recognized as well. And she brought other things to the table too that were not even necessarily in the ring, her persona and those sorts of things as well."

Moreover, Edge suggested that the performers such as Torrie tried their best even though the writing and booking from that time has not aged well.

"They did what they could with what they were given," Edge professed. "I think it's cool. I think it's super cool because I think a lot of that era – and not their fault – I mean, in terms of the writing and the booking has not aged well and that is strictly because of the way it was presented. So I think it's cool."

On the subject of other pro wrestling veterans Edge would like to see inducted into WWE's Hall Of Fame, 'The Rated-R Superstar' named Molly Holly and Wahoo McDaniel.

"There are so many people that deserve to be in there," Edge said. "Each year I think, 'Molly Holly' and not only from a work standpoint, but just from a personal standpoint. She's just a phenomenal person, a very, very good person. Hey, you know another person who's not in the [WWE] Hall Of Fame who should be? There [are] plenty of them obviously. Who [in response to Christian pointing out himself]? Wahoo McDaniel. No [McDaniel is not in the WWE Hall Of Fame]. Right? I don't know why that really popped in my head. And yeah, you just assume, 'oh yeah, Wahoo [has] got to be in there, right?' He's not! And just his story of playing with the Jets. It's crazy what Wahoo has done. And if you think back to that old NWA or Mid-Atlantic [territory], Ric Flair would be the first to say, 'Wahoo'. Dusty [Rhodes] and Wahoo were the men."

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Source: E&C's Pod Of Awesomeness