(Note: This post was updated on March 7, 2019 at 8:15 pm CST. Fenix has noted that he did not say The Lucha Brothers will not sign with WWE because their contracts, “are nuts.” Rather, he said that their contract, “says not.” We apologize for any confusion.)

Fenix and his brother Pentagon Jr. comprise the Lucha Bros who have appeared in just about every wrestling promotion outside of WWE. They currently work for Impact Wrestling, MLW, AEW, CMLL, AAA and other independent promotions.

Despite the busy schedule, Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman was able to chat with Fenix about the present and if WWE is in his future. Nick also asked Fenix how it feels to be a big part of the Lucha Libre resurgence in North America.

“I feel grateful with the crowds in every state, every country all over the world because of how they’ve accepted the Lucha Bros style,” said Fenix before adding that the promotions he works for also deserve credit for presenting he and his brother as big deals.

“We love the business. We love the sport. It’s our life for us? Everything we do is with passion and love and we do it for the crowd.”

Fenix recently took some time off due to injury at AAW but he says that comes with being a pro wrestler.

“I feel great,” stated Fenix. “Two weeks ago I had a little injury but that’s wrestling. Two months ago I had a muscle strain in my leg but now I feel great ? Lucha Libre made me 100 percent [laughs].”

Like many other wrestlers, Fenix says being in the ring gives him energy and too much time sitting at home gives him a feeling of cabin fever.

“I would feel sad or bad if I didn’t wrestle,” said Fenix. “The days off when I’m at home ? the first day is a ‘chill day.’ Chill days for me is just all day in the bed watching movies, listening to music. The next day is desperation. I’m like ‘Ahh. I wanna wrestle. I wanna train. I wanna do something.’

“But we understand we need to rest because we work hard.”

Seemingly the one promotion that Fenix and his brother have yet to touch down in is WWE and Fenix says part of that reason is the terms and restrictions that WWE would place on them.

“We are in every company now except for WWE? because the contract say not,” stated Fenix before adding that a moment is coming up where the brothers will have to choose one company to work for.

“The time is coming up ? I don’t know if it’s WWE. I don’t know,” admitted Fenix. “The moment now is the best because I can wrestle whatever wrestler in MLW, whatever wrestler in AEW, in AAW, in Japan, in England, in Mexico…. I’m free and I love it.”

Fenix and his Lucha Brother Pentagon Jr can be seen weekly as part of MLW’s Fusion television series. Fusion airs Saturdays at 9/8 CT on BeIn Sports.

Wrestling Inc’s full interview with Fenix was included in today’s episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard in the embedded player below. During Fenix’s interview he discusses a possible Lucha Bros’ run in WWE, signing with AEW, his recent injury, taking pride in being a Mexican hero in the United States and more.

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