As seen in the video above, MLW’s newest color commentator, Jim Cornette, took the time to sit down with beIn Sports USA to discuss his new position with Major League Wrestling.

Cornette revealed that it was MLW that first reached out to him for the job, as they were hoping to add some edgier content to their program. With decades of experience trailing him, Cornette saw himself being best utilized by applying his wisdom to the commentary booth.

“When MLW first called me, they said, ‘Take a look at the product, see what you think, and see if you can make it even more edgy and more dangerous,’ and give me a live microphone and I’m going to do that,” Cornette explained. “I know a lot of people may not really believe this, but I’m kind of outspoken and I like to tell people what I think. And whether it’s been on Monday Night Raw for the WWE, or whether it’s been in TNA, or whether it’s been in Ring of Honor, or whether it’s been in WCW, or every wrestling promotion for the last 35 years, I like to tell people what I think because I think that I can lend some experience to it. And at the same time, I want somebody to impress me. I’m kind of off modern wrestling. I want somebody to step up and impress me.”

MLW is one of few major wrestling promotions that have been trying to change preconceived beliefs about tag team wrestling by putting the tag matches in the main event spots of their shows. Cornette believes that WWE and other industry leaders are to blame for tag team wrestling ever being recognized as less entertaining than singles action.

“To be quite honest, tag team wrestling is undergoing a resurgence,” Cornette stated. “Because for years it’s been marginalized, and when the industry leader doesn’t portray tag team wrestling as important, then a lot of the smaller promotions, like the copycats, follow suit. But now, MLW and a few other promotions out there are really bringing tag team wrestling back to prominence.”

Cornette went into detail about how MLW is changing the game when it comes to tag team wrestling, mentioning how the company will actually sign performers to contracts specifically designed for a team. He hopes that this allows teams the quality time they need to bond and develop their skills.

“I think tag team wrestling is every bit as exciting, if not more exciting than singles competition,” Cornette said. “It’s a little something for everybody, and I’m excited to see that a lot of teams are starting to form and stay together…Now tag teams have been at the whim of individual contracts in some of the major companies. Well, now some of the companies like MLW are allowing guys to be tag teams, and travel together, and learn each other, and really get good. It’s a band of brothers when you’re a tag team and you can’t just pick that up in two weeks.”

You can listen to the full interview above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit beIn Sports USA with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.