WWE fans have noticed a missing face from Raw over the past few weeks and that is ring announcer JoJo. She has been a ring announcer for the shows on the main brand for four years, but has been absent from Raw since the New Year’s Eve episode.

Naturally in the world of sports entertainment, when you don’t see someone for a while and there’s no injury or illness to speak of, you start wondering if that person is still employed. JoJo’s official website responded to those rumors and assured fans that JoJo isn’t done with WWE.

A week passed by after that tweet and it undoubtedly led to more questions from her followers asking about her status. The Twitter account then followed up with another tweet that said they wouldn’t release any details about why she is missing from TV.

Meawhile, JoJo celebrated her 25th birthday on Sunday and the Twitter account thanked fans for all of their birthday messages to her.

Mike Rome will continue to fill in for JoJo as the Raw ring announcer in her absence.