While the Kurt Angle Farewell Tour seems to be going well, another member of the Angle Family isn't generating applause and standing ovations for his actions.

Kurt's brother Eric is mired in controversy after the video below of him went viral on Tuesday. Eric, who is a junior wrestling coach, can be seen on video picking up a 12-year-old boy by the neck and then throwing him to the ground at a wrestling meet.

The six-second clip was posted to Facebook after Saturday's Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling Championship in the Angles' hometown of Pittsburgh.

When the video starts, the kid can be seen walking towards Angle while taking off his headgear. Once he reaches Angle, the 51-year-old then puts both hands around the kids neck, lifts him a foot off the ground and then throws him to the ground. Angle can then be seen yelling at the kid as the clip ends.

After the video went viral, Angle was arrested and faces simple assault charges. The charges were filed by the University of Pittsburgh police as the wrestling meet took place on their campus.

Angle went to Facebook and said he was trying to keep the child from messing up and made things worse.

"I should have just walked away and let him get thrown out. Instead, I'm the one who embarrassed myself even more," Eric Angle told Pittsburgh's Action News 4.

Pittsburgh Junior Wrestling is cooperating with investigators, Action News 4 reports.

Eric Angle first surfaced in WWE in 2000 to help his brother in a feud against the Undertaker. He then signed with WWE's developmental territory, OVW, before making his WWE return in 2003 to again help Kurt.

He was released in 2003 and did a short tour of the indies before retiring from in-ring competition. He runs Angle Elite Wrestling School in Pittsburgh.

Stephen Rodriguez and Jason Henderson contributed to this article.