Kurt Angle's Wife Deletes Tweets On His WrestleMania Match, Angle Praises Baron Corbin & Chad Gable

Last night's WWE RAW saw the Farewell Tour for WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle continue with a win over Chad Gable. Angle also revealed his WrestleMania 35 opponent for the retirement match – Baron Corbin. Above is post-match video of Angle talking about Gable and Corbin.


"Well, I've had lots of respect for Chad Gable," Angle said. "I've heard about him, coming to the WWE, coming up h ere he was the one man I wanted to face and it's been two years, it took me that long to get the opportunity to get in the ring and face him. He's a champion and he's one of the best technical wrestlers in sports entertainment today. It was quite an honor to go out there and tear it up with him. He is as good as it gets."

In the video below, Gable spoke of meeting Angle at age 11 during an appearance at Mall of America, and telling Angle that he wanted to follow in his footsteps. Angle said he's glad he could motivate Gable. Angle also spoke about Corbin being his WrestleMania 35 opponent and how some fans wanted to see him face another Superstar.


"Well, I know it wasn't the popular pick," Angle admitted. "I know a lot of fans were hoping for someone else, but for me, he was the one guy who's gotten to me more than anybody. He's rocked the boat with me so many different times, and I never really got a piece of him the way I wanted to. And for me to end my career by making Baron Corbin tap out, that would mean the world to me. Sure, I would love to face John Cena or AJ Styles or Samoa Joe or Braun Strowman, but Baron Corbin is a great wrestler. Regardless of how you feel about him, he is really good and he's a great challenge for me at WrestleMania, and I believe that when I beat him, I will be a very happily retired man."

We noted last night after RAW how WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross said Corbin vs. Angle is underwhelming for Angle's last match. Angle's wife Giovanna was tweeting about the decision and agreed that it was "very" underwhelming. She also wrote, "The fans chanting We want Cena.... we feel ya!"

Giovanna deleted those two comments but she left up a tweet where she said she is not upset with Corbin being Kurt's last opponent.

She wrote, "Guys, it's pro wrestling. Its like watching a movie. I'm no way upset with my husband wrestling Corbin. Lol I love having fun with yall. But It is really nice to see how many fans support Kurt on how he should be sent off. #AllLove"


You can see the tweet below, along with Instagram comments from Kurt and a screenshot of the deleted tweet on Cena:

My farewell match will be against Baron Corbin at Wrestlemania. I realize it's not the most popular decision from a fan's perspective... BUT I will make Corbin tap out on the biggest stage of them all.... and I Hope you can share this moment/accomplishment with me on April 7th. Baron is a legit tough guy. It won't be easy but it never is. #itstrue #wrestlemania35 #wwe #wrestling